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What Kind of Traveler Are You?

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

In all your travels, you’ve probably seen every type of traveler in the airport, the hotel lobby, or even in your Uber. Funny and true, there are specific travelers who fit a certain niche based on what kind of activities they enjoy, how they like to dress, and even things as specific as sleep habits! Keep reading to discover what kind of traveler you are and how you can embrace your uniqueness on your next getaway!

The Fashion-Forward Traveler

You’ve seen the fashionista casually breezing through the airport in a classy, sleek outfit, and shoes are no issue for the security line. This traveler will do whatever it takes to be the most stylish person in the room, even if it means taking their stilettos off at security or packing an extra pair of leather loafers in their designer handbag. 


You might be the fashion-forward traveler if nailing an awesome outfit makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, and you enjoy staying on top of the latest trends in the fashion industry. You may also be in the habit of bringing an empty suitcase that you can fill with new clothes from your getaway destination! Planning a whole shopping day on your trip is definitely the nail in the coffin if you’re wondering whether or not you’re the fashion-conscious traveler. 

The Adventurer

This type of traveler can usually be seen with their hiking backpack, looking for the next hostel they will be sleeping in for the night. The adventurer is a thrill junkie and loves finding any kind of waterfall to jump off of, deep trails to explore, and exciting activities to join in like beach volleyball, scuba diving, snorkeling, or sleeping on the beach. 


You might be the adventurer if you’re mostly concerned about the activities on your trip than anything else. You probably have a good sense of direction, prefer spending all of your time outdoors, and are always ready for a quick change of plans.  

The Mom

If we’re being honest, every friend group has “the mom”. You know, the wise one who is usually really good at making the decisions, remembering the sunscreen, and never short on snacks or water. Similarly, The “mom” traveler packs with a “just in case” mentality. You may complain about hauling all their bags to the car now, but you won’t be complaining when you’re thirsty and mom comes to the rescue with four bottles of water. 


You might be the “mom” traveler if you genuinely enjoy looking out for others, usually end up making the plans or building the itinerary, and you always have a backup plan tucked in your mom jeans for unexpected emergencies. 

The Quintessential Tourist

Believe us, even in the most popular cities in the world, tourists know when they look like tourists. In fact, true tourists are the ones who go one step further and actually embrace it with open arms. 


The quintessential tourist isn’t ashamed to ask for directions or stick out like a sore thumb. In all honesty, the tourist traveler is usually the “dad” of the travel group. They make great jokes, lighten the mood, and are always up for over-priced food or tours. 


You may be the quintessential tourist if you choose comfort over fashion when it comes to shoe options (New Balances, anyone?), you’re never seen without a map in your hands, and at some point in your travels, decided that you absolutely must wear an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt at all times. 

The Photographer 

This traveler rarely has any photos of themselves in the exotic locations they travel to because they’re the ones always taking pictures! Their social media feed is filled with gorgeous shots of sunsets, sunrises, beaches, forests, and of course, international cuisine. 


You might be the photographer if you love staying up to date on popular travel photography trends, and you’re never seen without a camera around your neck. You love capturing other people and sharing your amazing images with everyone back home. 

The Sleeper

You’ve seen the sleeper passed out on subways and in the airport terminals, in every position possible. Whether it’s sitting up or laying down over hard and uncomfortable chairs, the sleeper can catch plenty of Z’s anywhere, anytime. 


You might be the sleeper if your best travel buddy is your neck pillow and your headphones, and you usually can’t remember how you traveled from Point A to Point B. The sleeper has a great time whenever they’re awake, and they’re always the last one out the door in the morning. 

The Budgeter

The money-conscious traveler packs their carry-on with clipped coupons, fliers for free events, and is prepared with all the money-saving apps downloaded on their devices. The budgeter is known to constantly be comparing prices, whether it be for entry fees, souvenirs, or meals, the asking price is never the final offer for this financial guru. They’re particularly skilled at negotiating prices and finding a great deal for the whole group. 


You may be the budgeter if you spend a good amount of time before traveling setting aside money for certain things and sticking to a budget while you’re traveling. You also most likely have a travel credit card that collects airline miles, and you know all about the best websites for cheap car rentals, plane tickets, and accommodation booking. 


Whatever category you fall into, you’re seeing the world and that’s all that matters! Embrace all your quirks as you travel, and you’re sure to have a memorable experience, regardless of where you go. 


Your next getaway should be just as unique as you. Regardless of which traveler you are, Dipaways is always here to bring your dream getaway to life!

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