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4 Reasons To Visit Cape Town

There is truly no place like home. A trip to Cape Town, South Africa will not only leave you relaxed and rejuvenated but connected to a deeper part of yourself. Visiting the motherland is not only a fun experience but for many travelers, a right of passage. A place where for the first time they might not feel like the “other.”


Picture a sun-drenched coastline with gorgeous ocean and mountain views, and the voice of locals greeting you with a kool-laid size smile as they say “welcome home.” Cape Town is a melting pot of diversity when it comes to people, cuisine and art. 


Cape Town is the go-to destination for lush vineyards, world-class restaurants, and top-notch attractions. It’s the perfect getaway (read:dipaway) for any traveler looking to experience the culture and relaxation and everything the city has to offer. 


Our team traveled to Cape Town, and here are the top 4 highlights of things you don’t want to miss on the journey back home:   


Nature is breathtaking (duh, it’s Africa).

Ditch your phone for the day, and dip into the natural wonders that Cape Town has to offer. From the jagged coastline that is home to the spectacular Cape Point to amazing beaches and lush natural forests, botanical gardens, and reserves. While most of us can’t imagine going 24 hours without our phones, the beauty and excitement of Cape Town will keep you occupied as your eyes are glued to the breathtaking scenery instead of your screen. Some off the beaten path nature activities include cycling along The Sea Point Promenade, going sandboarding on the dunes, riding a hot air balloon in the Winelands, zip-lining, and going on a Safari. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. The abundance of natural beauty and its mild climate make Cape Town a perfect place for hiking, trail running, and biking all year round.

Beaches are everywhere!

Cape Town is home to some of the most amazing beaches in Africa. The city has access to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, with both sides offering amazing beaches where you can relax and watch nature. Peak season in Cape Town is between December to February, so you’ll be sure to catch a crowd, however, if you’re looking for a less tourist scene, then we suggest visiting in the off-peak season June to August, however, this is when they experience winter and rainfall. Beaches aren’t only for laying around and getting a tan, there are multiple actives to do such as surfing, taking long walks (you know you have always dreamed of this) and animal sighting. Along Cape Town’s Atlantic Coastline you will find popular Camps Bay Beach and Hout Bay Beach plus numerous others. On the Indian Ocean side, you will find Boulders Beach, Cape Point and a handful more to explore. There are a plethora of beaches to visit, but none will disappoint. 

Wine is endless. 

Surprise, surprise Cape Town is located in a wine-growing region. Cheers! The nearby Winelands offer several wine tasting routes, and the largest one is located in the Cape Vineyards. The wine estates in Cape Town are absolutely breathtaking and features dope architecture along with stunning views. Some wineries to jot down for your visit include Beau Constantia’s tasting room, Klein Constantia, and the Boschendal Wine Estate. If you decide to go on a wine tour make sure to soak up the rich history, as some of these vineyards are over 300-years-old, and relax with a cool glass of Prosecco.

It’s foodie heaven.

If you’re a foodie like us, then you know how important digging into the culture’s food scene is. If not, get your pins ready. Cape Town is one of the premier cities for diverse foods in Africa. Over the past few years, Cape Town has become home to chefs and savvy entrepreneurs who are bringing their chopping skills to the table. The city is booming with flavor and innovation. There are WAY too many spots to name, but according to our taste buds, you have to try La Tête, Hemelhuijs, and The Test Kitchen. Cape Town caters to practically every single taste. The food is not only delicious but rooted in deep history. Here you will find everything from vegetarian, seafood, curries, to Moroccan food. Even the street food is in a class all its own. If you are looking for an upscale restaurant, check out some of the options in the Cape Winelands where you can find a good number of 5-star restaurants.


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