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You may be wondering if traveling with Dipaways really lives up to the hype. In short, absolutely. But, don’t take it from us; see for yourself what our travelers have to say!

“Dipaways planned an amazing private trip for my partner and me to Bali. Everything was handled for us and was perfect—private villa with a private pool and all. The only thing we needed to do was show up. I can’t recommend the Dipaways team enough!”

-Tyler from San Francisco

You get to sit back, relax, and let us take the lead. No need to ever worry because our team is insanely passionate about your trip.

“10/10, such an amazing trip with friends […]. The entire Dipaways team is amazing, friendly and anticipated our needs during the trip. Thank you so much to Chadricks and the team.”

-Stephanie from New York 

Our group trips and some private trips even include a knowledgeable and fun Trip Host whose role is making sure you have an amazing experience. 

The best travel experience ever! Chadricks is such an amazing host and he makes the experience a perfect blend of learning the culture and living in the moment.”  

-Chandra from Washington D.C.

You’ll never get a generic trip with Dipaways. We carefully design each trip to give you an exclusive and up-close look at the local culture. 

“From the moment we landed in Accra to when they dropped us back at the airport […], I especially enjoyed the cultural experiences as I got to experience Ghana in ways that have changed how I view my connection to the Motherland. Hats off to Dipaways!”

-Ernest from Atlanta 

Travel is an investment in yourself and the world at large. We absolutely love it when our travelers return home feeling satisfied with their experience.

“I have been traveling with Chadricks for 3 years now and have only had positive experiences. Our most recent trip to Amalfi Coast was well organized and very memorable. […] I look forward to traveling with y’all again!”

-Marissa from Houston

In fact, many of our travelers start planning their next trip while on a trip! 

So, are you ready to book your Dipaways getaway? We’d love to have you join an upcoming group trip or book a private trip! You can check other traveler reviews on Google.

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