Common Questions

Why should I choose Dipaways?

We’re different (and better) than a typical getaway. You’ll join an epic and unique adventure that focuses on connection and personal growth. You’ll also love that everything’s included. We provide beautiful accommodations, carefully curated activities, delicious group meals prepped by locals and all ground transportation. We even include a professional photographer to capture your entire experience. We can confidently say that a trip with Dipaways is more than worth it.

What's included?

Pretty much everything you need. Simply book your flight and we’ll handle the rest. We provide beautiful accommodations, carefully curated activities, delicious group meals prepped by locals and all ground transportation (including airport transfers). We also include a professional photographer to capture your entire experience.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a trip with us go far beyond an amazing getaway. Together we’ll create epic moments that lead to a natural transformation. You almost have to experience it to understand but we can say you’ll leave feeling happier, reenergized and ready for whatever’s next. You know, almost as if you took a “dip away” from everything and came back anew.

What are the travelers like?

Our trips have a way of attracting fun, diverse, and overall amazing people. If you’re 21 or older, friendly, and have an adventurous spirit, this is the trip for you.

How many people can join a trip?

You can expect 20 travelers or less on our group trips. This intimate size allows us to connect on a deeper level.

Who is the Trip Host?

Trips are typically hosted by our founder Chadricks. If not, your host will be equally as great and hand-selected for their awesomeness. All trip hosts are professionally trained and equipped to handle a wide range of situations, including minor medical needs.

Is airfare included?

We wish our trips included airfare, but our travelers come from all over and it’s not possible to include international airfare in our prices. Thankfully, our trips include everything else, including delicious meals and all of our excursions.

Are airport transfers and ground transportation included?

All ground transportation, including airport transfers, are included once you arrive. Our transportation partners are like family and we think you’ll love them.

What are accommodations like?

We stay in beautiful, carefully selected properties. Depending on the destination, we may stay in a boutique hotel, local resort or private villa. Your exact property can be found in the ‘Final Trip Details’ document, which is sent your way closer to your departure date.

What type of rooms are available?

Our trips include shared rooms for solo travelers, private single rooms and rooms for couples or friends. You can specify your rooming preferences after purchasing the trip. For solo travelers, we pair you with another solo traveler in a room with two twin beds. We also offer private single rooms for an extra cost. Rooms for couples or friends include one double bed or two twin beds. Queen and king-size beds may be available but not guaranteed.

What about meals and special dietary needs?

We love food so it’s important to us that you enjoy the meals. Delicious and healthy meals are included (unless otherwise stated) and always prepared by locals. You’ll be prompted to share any special dietary needs during registration.

What are the activities like?

Our trips are the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Activities can range from super easy to medium. Refer to any specific trip for itinerary samples and remember that you can opt out of any activity.

What if I can't swim?

Our trips are typically hosted in destinations near water. However, non-swimmers have gone on our trips and had a great time. If you can’t swim or don’t feel comfortable in the water simply let your Trip Host know and we’ll adjust accordingly. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

How much free time will I have?
Ultimately, it’s your trip. That’s why there’s a perfect mix of planned activities and free time. Some days are packed but there will always be free time to enjoy the destination at your pace. Your Trip Host and our local partners can help with suggestions for your free time.
What are my payment options?

We’ve got 2 easy payment options.


-Full Payment – Pay for your trip in its entirety and start packing. Oh, you’ll also receive a nice discount on your next trip for paying in full.


-Automatic Payments – Pay once a month over a set period of time you choose during booking. A nonrefundable deposit is required for the first payment. If you need to change a payment date or amount, you can always contact our team.

*If you book your trip less than 60 days before departure the full payment will be required.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life happens. You may cancel within 24 hours for a full refund (minus the nonrefundable deposit). Alternatively, you may apply the full credit to a future trip or another traveler ($150 fee). If we have to cancel for any reason within our control, you’ll receive a full refund or credit.

Can I join a trip late or leave early?

It’s possible to arrive late or leave early. However, you will be responsible for your transportation arrangements. It’s no biggie but we will miss you.

Do I need travel health insurance?

We’re all for having a good time but we take your safety seriously. We require comprehensive travel insurance, which provides health and cancellation coverage. We want to make sure you’re covered for any unlikely health issues that may arise during your trip. You will be required to show proof of your insurance before your trip begins. You can often find cheap comprehensive travel insurance on websites like AIG Travel Guard or World Nomads.

What should I pack?

We always recommend packing as light as possible. The suggested packing list can be found in the ‘Trip Details’ document after purchasing the trip.

Is tipping necessary?

Tip as you please. Our trip staff and local guides would certainly appreciate any tips, but tipping is not required.

Can trips be purchased as gifts?

Absolutely. Contact our team and we’ll send you a secure online form. Gift certificates can be applied to any available group trips.

Can I book a private trip?

Yep! In addition to group trips, we love hosting designing private trips for friends, families, couples or solo travelers. Contact us for more.

Do you offer trips for companies or organizations?

Most definitely. We organize and even help facilitate fun leadership and teambuilding trips for organizations of all sizes. Contact us for more.

Another question?

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