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The Deal With Budget Airlines

The Deal With Budget Airlines

In recent years, the rise of budget airlines has contributed to cheaper flights and more options for passengers. Typically operating within continents, deals can be as low as $50 one-way, but without many of the comforts, including checked bags and food, that are found on larger carriers. 


That being said, budget airlines are great options for shorter trips and were initially established as a way to travel inexpensively within countries. In recent years, they have become notorious for sneaking in last-minute fees, such as paying to check-in if not done on their app, carry-on bag fees, and much more. And at such low price points, it can be tempting to book at the first sight. However, it’s important to do some initial research when considering flying one. 


Below, find 6 budget airlines to travel with, including links details about to safety information and reviews. 



If flying within Europe, RyanAir is one of the continent’s top budget airlines. An affordable carrier, they offer a wide variety of routes and operate out of their main base in Dublin. It’s important to note that RyanAir does not fly to the US, so it is best used while traveling within the EU. RyanAir also offers hotel deals, as well as tickets to certain attractions and events. You can find additional information and their airline rating here. 



EasyJet is an economical budget airline that also offers several routes within Europe. Operating in 33 countries, and over 900 routes, the airline is based out of London. Their website offers corporate information, as well as important values that guide their safety protocols. 


Southwest Airlines

Operating in the United States, Southwest is a popular option. Unlike other low-cost carriers, Southwest offers two free checked bags, no assigned seats, a special rewards card to earn points, and various other flight deals. Consistently known for some of the lowest prices in the United States, they also boast of punctual flight times and arrivals to your final destination. Learn more about the carrier here



Based in Mexico, Interjet launched in 2005. Current routes include over 50 destinations and include most of the Americas. Popular cities are New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, as well as throughout Canada and Latin America. They also offer alliances with other airlines, including American Airlines and Alitalia, which are great for connecting flights. Reviews on Interjet seem mixed, but the airline does a solid job of flying to many destinations within Latin America, which tends to have less budget airline offerings than Europe. 



Although not a budget airline, Avianca is well-known for its relatively low-cost tickets that often compete with budget carriers. Primarily operating in South America, the airline flies to over 70 destinations globally as well. Find reviews and safety information here


Mango Airlines 

South African carrier Mango launched in 2006. Flights operate within South Africa, as well as to other destinations. The airline is affordable, and incredibly popular within the country, as there aren’t many budget airlines in the market. Reviews and further information are on the positive side, scoring 8/10 on Airline Rating. 

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