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Black Joy

A photo series from Dipaways

I truly hope, as we fight to affirm Black lives and end systemic racism, that you never lose your joy. Seeing happy Black people always brings me joy, so I’m sharing some of my favorite #blackjoy moments from our trips over the past year. A special thanks to our trip photographers Arley, Ashleigh, Richard, and Zweli.

– Chadricks Everette, CEO at Dipaways

Help keep joy alive

As a Black-owned business with thousands of Black travelers in our audience, we’re proud to stand with those who are tired of seeing Black lives devalued. Dipaways is taking our support for the movement a step further.

We’re donating all proceeds from our blue agate stone bracelets (sold out) to help end state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people from incarceration, and fight to eliminate white supremacy. We can all help end racial inequality in America and around the world. Now’s the time to show your support!

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