A Bali Birthday!

Guests who've booked as of 5/25/2019

1. Mia Antonetti Francis (rooming with Torin Francis)
2. Torin Francis (rooming with Mia Antonetti Francis)
3. Angela Gomes (private room)
4. Ada Jackson (rooming with Jeffrey Jackson)
5. Natalie Morales (private room)
6. Candace Morales (private room)
7. Filomena Muthu-Hobson (private room)
8. Chaloea Williams (TBD)
9. Lucia Deng (private room)
10. Jeffrey Jackson (rooming with Ada Jackson)
11. Garvin Forrester (awaiting roommate's booking)
12. Sharday Monteiro Norman (TBD)
13. Fantasia Fernandes (TBD)
14. Dana Jones (rooming with Billy Jones)
15. Ashleigh Jones (TBD)
16. Tiffany Lamb (rooming with Karriem Mack)
17. Karriem Mack (rooming with Tiffany Lamb)
18. Paul Deaderick (private room)
19. Billy Jones (rooming with Dana Jones)
20. Amber Forrester (rooming with Garvin Forrester)
21. Stephanie Ivette Walker (TBD)

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